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How We Create Change

The Under2 Coalition seeks to drive change through a combination of deep-dive initiatives with small groups of governments, and broader knowledge sharing initiatives. The deep dive projects provide in-depth insights and learning in key areas. The knowledge sharing initiatives then provide the mechanism for disseminating this and other information across the whole Coalition to drive action at a greater scale.

The impact of the Under2 Coalition is magnified further due to the unique position that state and regional governments play in climate policy development and implementation. These governments work at a level of policy that allows for quicker action and greater experimentation than is possible for many national governments.

Because of this Under2 signatories can not only deliver significant greenhouse gas reductions, but they will also begin to change the narrative in key countries around the world, giving national policymakers the evidence they need to take further action, and providing tangible proof that implementing the Paris Agreement is both possible and beneficial.

Work Streams

The Under2 Coalition’s initiatives are delivered through three, inter-connected work streams, which seek to accelerate and scale climate action by state and regional and other subnational governments:

  • Deep decarbonization pathway planning: supporting governments develop robust medium and long-term (2050) emissions reduction plans in line with the Paris Climate Agreement goal of keeping the rise in global temperature well below 2oC of warming.
  • Scaling innovative policy solutions: replicating and spreading today’s best policies to accelerate climate action, and developing new policies to ensure full decarbonization over the longer-term.
  • Mainstreaming transparency and reporting: supporting governments so they have the expertise and systems in place to assess their emissions accurately, track progress and ensure policies remain fit for delivering against decarbonization targets.

The work steams are design to be mutually supportive: the first sets the long-term trajectory for action; the second ensures the foundations for ambitious long-term action are put in place; and the third provides the means for managing a smooth and predictable decarbonization process over both the immediate and long-term.